Devices, for everyone!

    Our Mission

    We offer a shared pool of electronic devices to anyone who desires access to them

    We offer a collaborative space where individuals can physically test out their website and/or mobile app on several types of mobile devices. Our diverse inventory of electronics will encourage boundless innovation, since users will not face the burden of having to purchase the devices themselves. We feel that the physical presence of a device is particularly important given that touch interaction is one of the key ways through which interface usability is assessed. Currently, Device Dojo is the only space within Hamilton that offers this service.

    SPICES Grant

    Student Proposals for Intellectual Community and Engaged Scholarship

    Device Dojo is supported by the McMaster School of Graduate Studies SPICES grant, which is awarded to a novel initiative that addresses a campus/grad student/community need or opportunity.


    Now located at the Lyons New Media Centre within Mills Library, Device Dojo is the first Open Device Lab to service McMaster University and the general Hamilton public. We aim to offer a diverse array of devices within an accessible and inviting environment for ambitious developers who wish to hone their ideas.

    The Space

    Our devices are housed in the Consultation Room (room L418) within the Lyons New Media Centre. Take the above virtual tour of this unique creative space, which is sure to encourage fruitful thinking!


    Click on the above image to access the Lyons New Media Centre Booking platform. On this web page you will find important information to consider before scheduling a time slot at Device Dojo.

    Steps for Booking Device Dojo:

    1. Click on the adjacent link and carefully consider the policies enforced by the Lyons New Media Centre

    2. Scroll down to the "Edit Studios and Consultation Rooms" sub heading and select the "Book Now" Image

    3. Under the L418 column ONLY, choose an open time slot and confirm submission with your MAC ID and password

    4. Under "Name or Meeting Title", type "Device Dojo" and indicate the number of 30-minute time slots you would like to reserve

    5. Respect the rules outlined below and enjoy!


    Please be mindful of the following rules:

    1. Once you've competed your testing session, please return the devices to their respective place in the cabinet and allow them to charge

    2. Return the consultation room (L418) and cabinet keys to the Lyons New Media Centre (LNMC) front desk attendant

    3. Please report any new scratches/bumps or broken/non-functioning devices to us (using the "contact" form below), as well as the LNMC front desk attendant

    4. When using the devices, please DO NOT make changes to the Wi-Fi network

    5. When using the devices, please DO NOT update the device’s operating system

    6. If installing new applications to the device, please be sure to REMOVE these applications at the end of your session

    7. Please DO NOT leave your personal accounts (Facebook, Twitter,
    etc.) linked to apps installed on the devices


    We are always looking for passionate, motivated, and dedicated McMaster University graduate and undergraduate volunteers.

    Web Developer

    We desire a capable "techie" to help create, maintain, and improve our website.


    Click on the adjacent icon to access the JotForm application, which includes more details about this position.


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